Lost GoPro

I just had chills when my studiomate Bas told me the story of the above video. What you see is the footage of his GoPro that he lost 1.5 years ago while filming this Like Knows Like video.

The GoPro fell off Kelsey’s surfboard and waited over a year on the ocean floor to be discovered by a young scuba diver called Carlo Fezzi. Carlo posted a still from the movie on Instagram, someone recognized the guy and tagged him. And just like that, the internet came to the rescue!

I am simply amazed that the camera held up all this time. Quite a testament to their quality. The GoPro marketing team should be all over this story!

I love the internet so much.

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  1. That IS pretty amazing, that it lasted so long in the ocean!
    A similar thing happened to my kid on one of her first outings with her new GoPro. Luckily her loss was only for a few minutes, but we enjoyed seeing what happened to it, while it was lost. You can see the little video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snXuUTNcUIA&list=UUPBymfD0ZlfUgYaFulCGn-Q

  2. I am so curious but it looks like that Vimeo link doesn’t work!!

  3. ok… doesn’t work on the email but works great here. Love it. Swissmiss you really do a great job.

  4. It’s not the camera that had to hold up, it’s the memory card. Have any photos been taken with the camera since recovery?