Friday Link Pack (on Sunday)

We watched this every year, on New Years Eve, back when I was a kid in Switzerland.

– Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell

See a 100 year old woman transform into a young beautiful lady, thanks Photoshop.

– I have a new favorite cocktail, French 75, which I discovered at French Louis, my favorite neighborhood restaurant

– LOVE this Three Potato Four Wooden Arrow Chalkboard

– How to find out whether you’re a good cultural fit at any company

Abundance Without Attachment, by Arthur C. Brooks (via Chris)

You are a small speck. It’s all about perspective. 

– In case a family members asks you about Business Facebook advice over the holidays: How to create a Facebook Business Page (via)

Impressively innovative workplace ideas.

– “Unexamined privilege is the real source of cruelty in Facebook’s “Your Year in Review”—a feature conceived and designed by a group to whom nothing terrible has happened yet.” Read full article on Facebook’s Your year in Review by Jeffrey Zeldman

Mashable’s best iPhone Apps of 2014

– The history of web design explained in 9 GIFs

– Tempted to buy this wooden jewelry organizer.

– The best bridges of 2014

– Out of Print is looking to hire a Design Director

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  1. In Denmark we watch Dinner for One every new year right before the midnight bells ring!

  2. Part of my every New Year’s growing up in Germany. One of those odd customs that’s always difficult to explain to my American friends.

  3. I like the camp sign but why three potato?

  4. French 75’s are my favorite!

  5. I love a French 75! Thanks for the restaurant suggestion—looking forward to trying!