Pizza Slice Sleeping Bag

pizza slice sleeping bag

My 4 year old son is completely obsessed with pizza. So much, he wants his upcoming birthday party to be pizza themed, inspired by the Secret Pizza Party book. Being a good mom, I am doing pizza research and stumbled upon this pizza slice sleeping bag. Made me laugh.

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  1. Tina, you should do a (blind) pizza tasting to see what Tilo and his friends vote as NY’s #1 pizza!

  2. I don t know about the ‘ secret pizza party’ book but my daughter turned 6 this december and we had her birthday at the Pizza Express restaurant – they propose a pizza party where the kids can prepare themselves their own pizza .. They had so much fun doing it and then eating it .. We really had a great time : ) – Can be made at home as well

  3. Happpy 2015! I actually bought this a couple of years ago on etsy and gave it as a gift– it is much used and much loved.

  4. Haha, love this! Would be great to customize a sleeping bag.

    Too bad they’re a bit pricey though…