Ship Your Enemies Glitter

ship your enemy glitter

Every now and then, I stumble upon a business idea that makes me laugh out loud and nearly spill my coffee, Ship Your Enemies Glitter is one of them. As a parent of crafty little ones, I can fully attest that glitter is the most annoying thing that anyone could spill in your house.

(via Thierry)

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  1. This is brilliant!

  2. Link not working. :(

  3. Haaaa! Too funny. That’s so annoying yet innocuous; what a gentle way to be vicious. It sort of makes me wish I had an actual nemesis, you know?

  4. That. Is. The. Best. Ever!!!!

  5. Glitter! Glamorized by kids. Detested by anyone who has ever tried (in vain) to vacuum the remains of it from a craft project. Or anyone who has tried to wash it out of the scalp of an unknowing little brother. And sister.

  6. Found the same ones on Amazon for a few bucks cheaper

  7. He’s stopped taking orders, but it looks like is still taking them. A new industry emerges?

  8. He’s selling the url. Here’s one from the US. they even got confetti.

  9. On one hand, hilarious and probably something I would’ve done at one time. On the other, heinous. Glitter is horrible for the environment. It was a harsh realization after I spent my twenties as “glitter girl”. It’s billions of piece of tiny plastic. And it never goes away.

  10. Glitter should be banned!!!

  11. I would suggest instead, the “confetti” left after three-hole-punching all the photocopies (oh, I date myself . . . I meant the printouts) for a presentation-in-notebooks. It’s biodegradable and compostable, it’s SLIGHTLY easier to clean up, and many offices, especially of the government type or large firms bidding on gov’t projects, have it in abundance . . . .