What’s your Favorite Newsletter?

Earlier today I asked my tweeps about their favorite newsletters. I discovered so many interesting looking new ones in the replies. Do you have a favorite?

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  1. The Skimm


    Emerald Street: the Stylist


  2. Harmony Society is a gorgeous little shop located in Carlisle,Pennsylvania. Their newsletters have a beautiful clean and clear feel. Highlighting events, new products, and write ups showcasing the people and details behind some of their favorite products. I love the personal touch connecting us, the shoppers, to the people who make the lovely things carried in the shop.

  3. I suppose it’s helpful to know if you mean design-wise or content-wise! I love NextDraft for staying on top of interesting news. :)

  4. The one from Rancho Gordo Beans, hands down!

  5. I love the email from Spoonful of Sugar Cafe in Beijing its actually gorgeous, yes and email is gorgeous.

  6. Publication Coach – http://www.publicationcoach.com/
    for a succint and helpful newsletter.

    Plus The Skimm as mentioned.

    Thank you!

  7. Finding Freedom! A newsletter about finding financial freedom. Very inspiring. You can get it at http://www.montycampbell.com.

  8. this is easy-
    im still in love wth tattly newletter and smile every tuesday when it kicks my mailbox!

  9. Nie blog post .thanx for sharing !