New Dropmark


I have been a loyal Dropmark user ever since Oak launched it in 2011. They just pushed an updated version: The new team feature and dashboard make me want to hug a bear. I use Dropmark to save my animated GIFS, save artwork of potential new Tattly artists, furniture research, drawings by my kids etc. Try it yourself.

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  1. I recently switched over to Dropmark from Gimmebar. I love it! My only gripe is that there isn’t a way to add an image/video/link to multiple collections at once (like on Gimmebar). However, after talking to Skylar, you could bypass even having multiple granular collections by just tagging your drops with the corresponding category (illustration, motion, etc.) Unfortunately, this means I have to go through and combine collections and weed out duplicates. A bit time consuming, but overall will be worth it. I’d also like to point out that they are super quick at responding to emails. Way to go, guys!

  2. I know it hasn’t been updated in AGES but I still really like FFFFound for GIFS and other images. The simplicity is great.

    And for regular bookmarking I like Mojave App.

  3. Absolutely love Dropmark. Hands down the best tool for making a swipe file.

  4. Why not Pinterest or maybe Dragdis, quiet similar to Mojave ?