Canary Home Security System

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G and I installed (our Kickstarter purchased) Canary Home Security System today and we’re impressed. Easy to set up and an incredibly elegant user experience all around. It alerts us if there is motion detected in our home and lets us monitor air quality, temperature and humidity using internal sensors. Impressive!

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  1. Nice blog. I like Canary home security System. Its very good.

  2. Wait – it actually works? I’ve read so much about it being immature and impossible to set up and operate. Now I’m totally motivated to give it a try. Thanks!

  3. abode truly has the potential to be the best diy home security system on the market. No one else offers the full range of features and benefits they are planning: a truly open platform for integration, cellular and battery back-up, optional professional monitoring, and a variety of censors and components, etc., not to mention it is visually appealing. Given all this, and who the founders are and the backgrounds they bring, this is one people should get behind!!

  4. I have one installed and it runs fine, easy installation and go and it is also available outside US ( not like abode)
    Es Grüessli us Bärn

  5. Exactly.

    You have ONE installed. Because, at the price, one or two are all the average consumer could afford, meaning you can monitor and protect one or two rooms in their home/apartment/condo, and what’s the point of that?

    Further, canary has no way to interface directly with third-party devices, so forget about about extending your security to door locks, lights, and other devices or simply just having the ability to add any home automation.

    canary also lacks battery back-up, so if you lose power, the device is rendered completely useless.

    If you want whole home security AND automation, ABODE is easily the best choice.

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