Valentine Typewriter (1969)

ettore sottesa typewriterEtttore sottsass typewriter

Ettore Sottsass’ Valentine Portable Typewriter design from 1969 makes my heart go pitter patter. What a beauty. Currently for sale over at Sotheby’s for an estimated $15,000-$20,000. An (expensive) beauty.

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  1. Oh my. And to think that I fell in love with a gorgeous red leather tote yesterday and decided it cost too much! Why, it was a bargain! :) My heart is going pitter patter too. A few skipped beats, too, I think!

  2. I think the high price at Sotheby’s has something to do with the RED Charity event. You can get Valentines on eBay in Germany for around 200 – 300 Euros. And yes, very beautiful machine!

  3. I inherited my mothers Valentine and it still has the letter in it that my father wrote with it when he gave it to her in 1969:

    “Hier ist Deine neue Schreibmaschine, magst Du nur angenehme Dinge damit schreiben müssen.”

    In english:

    “Here is you new typewriter, my you only have to write pleasant things with it.”

    It has a special place in my small collection of lovely design objects from the 60s and 70s.