An Unconventional NYC Friendship

Ricky Syers is an off-beat 50 year old street performer who found his calling as a puppeteer after a lifetime of manual labor. While performing in New York City’s Washington Square Park, he met Doris Diether, an 86 year old community activist. They became friends and he made a marionette that looks just like her. Now she’s joined his act and the two of them can often be seen performing together.

YES to living a creative life and human connection!

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  1. What a beautiful and inspiring story – it just made my morning. We need more people like this. Thank you so muchfor sharing.

  2. Very informative and inspiring message… this is so great ideas

  3. ‘All these years I haven’t been a labourer being an artist, or a steelworker trying to be an artist … I was an artist trying to be all those other things… so that’s who I really am’. Nice!