Friday Link Pack

Bibliophilia is a video-essay that takes looks at the books in Wes Anderson films.

– Totally loving this grid dot wool rug.

– The Hungry Castle guys did it again. First you were able to walk into Lionel Richie’s head now they put Nicholas Cage in a cage.

Camping with architects. (via)

– This is so cool: Expandable origami planter grows along with plants to cut waste. (via)

The Secrets of Happiness – in 60 Seconds

– Interesting read: Screen Addiction Is Taking a Toll on Children

The anatomy of a credit card form (via)

– Research suggests gluten per se is not the problem, but living in a rich society: The Myth of Big, Bad Gluten (via)

– I wouldn’t mind one of these conversation pits in my home, or office.

The rejectionists

– New research suggests a vegan diet is best for losing weight.

40 maps that explain the internet

– This is cool: Paper Maché ZigZag Drum Side Table.

– How Software Projects are managed: “I’ve set the wedding date. I’ve not asked her out yet.” (via)

– Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project in conversation with Susan Cain, the world’s most famous introvert. See her TED talk?

– Woah: The Abandoned Soviet Space Centre complete with two Unfinished Spacecrafts Inside

– Tattly turns 4 this weekend! YAY! We’re having our annual 50%-OFF-Happy-Our-Birthday-To-You-Sale!

– ICON Worldwide is looking for an Graphic Design Intern to join them in Switzerland, where I am currently transmitting from, on my vacation.

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  1. Tnaaaks!!! <3 Wes Anderson!! Master of the AD!!!

  2. thanks for the links, I look forward to them every week!!

  3. Yikes. Call me old fashioned. Call me old school. Whatevs.
    Hungry Castle and all its “shit” is pretty low brow.
    Did I say Yikes?
    I mean Yuck.

  4. Alison, While their stuff is definitely not high-brow, the absurdity of it all just makes me laugh.

  5. yea but the integration of that kind of language and our collective desensitization to what is acceptable or not in society is what makes me cringe. And I guess I’m focussing on the “cool shit” thing. Really, how do you explain to your kid an adult wearing a t-shirt that says “shit” on it?