Here’s a prime example of a product solving a first-world problem: Phone-Brella lets you text and hold the umbrella at the same time.

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  1. That is just brilliant! We have a contest in France for this kind of ideas (weirdly smart and useful but also totally useless) named “concours Lepine”. It’s so much fun to visit the exhibit where all the participants are showing their creations!

  2. Some many great uses beyond texting, I would get one to use while walking my dog or carrying groceries. I think it would also be helpful for pushing a stroller. Really great idea that is useful for so many reasons.

  3. Nice, simple but every useful nowadays.

  4. It’s a great idea but seems limited. You still need to hold the umbrella on your arm and balance it on your shoulder. To stop and text-great! To do much of anything else-not so sure.

  5. This would stop my my bobbling the umbrella when walking the dog in the rain at night (need 3 hands now, one for flashlight, one for umbrella and one for the poop bag).

  6. WANT!

  7. you could just have a hood or a hat, age old solution

    On the other hand if you want to read a book, then this is a unique solution, hats don’t protect books

  8. Great, more people walking into the street while texting, now when it’s raining too! :-)