Manifesto of a Doer

Manifesto of a doer

16. Make a plan. Then accept it can and will change. Making something happen is about being nimble and adaptable.

Manifesto of a doer.

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  1. Great concepts, good reminders, but the your vs you’re is killing me. Not so softly. :/

  2. @Jen, I didn’t write this manifesto. I’ll let the people that did know.

  3. @cjmaill Took your comment down. The tone was unnecessarily snarky. Kindness goes a long way. And guess what, I’ll reach out to the people that wrote the Manifesto and will let them know they have some corrections to do.

  4. Oh I had no doubt! I understood you were merely linking to the work of someone else, helping your readers and the creator at the same time.I do think the thoughts are great.

    I’ve never once seen a typo in your work, and I’ve been reading your contributions from afar for a very long time. :)

  5. I loved this, I was writing down my favourite ones on post it notes and basically copied down almost every one! A great manifesto (typos or not! :)