15 Ways To Manage Stress

15 ways to manage stress

15 ways to manage stress according to scientists. Yes to #14.

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  1. One of the important things to remember about stress is that it is caused by those incoming distresses, [IDs], of life which cannot be avoided – unless a life of a hermit atop some mountain in complete isolation appeals. IDs will become stress unless a surge guard is applied to defend the individual against stress. And stress has been clearly shown to be the root cause of several nasty disorders in humans, including cancer, depression, diabetes and heart conditions.
    Preventatism is a surge guard, for use whenever those IDs threaten a person’s health. It was developed four decades ago, and has proved itself to be worthy and workable, and highly effective for its purpose. Preventatism was developed for use in helping people with those stress-related disorders to recover from them, but has been shown to be significantly effective for healthy people who just want to stay that way. Preventatism is simple and easy to learn, being non-religious, non-spiritual, and non-medical. The philosophy is also, therefore, available to all – wealthy and poor, disadvantaged and privileged, young and not-so-young.
    Preventatists use the philosophy to remain healthy, and therefore comfortable in life.
    Just so that you are aware of the possibilities.