Anna And Argyle

Anna and Argyle is a dynamic digital tale that combines the immersive power of modern technology with the timeless simplicity of a storybook.

It is the beautiful story of a girl who wants to find her lost sock. Anna ventures from her family’s laundromat in Brooklyn to the wild world just beyond the rumbling, tumbling machines, discovering that perfect pairs don’t always match.

I love how the founder of LoyalKaspar, Beat Baudenbacher, lets us peek behind the scenes in their short process stories videos, from character building to the typography used. Anna and Argyle is LoyalKaspar’s multi-year side project. Nothing but incredibly impressive.

Download it over on iTunes.

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  1. I looked thru iTunes and iBooks and all I can find is the music for Anna and Argyle. I would love to purchase the digital version story – I know it would become a favorite of my grandkids and mine. Can you please redirect me?

  2. It is available in the APP STORE (the blue button on your ipad). It’s true, it can get a bit confusing, because iTunes and App Store are different things on different platforms.

    Hope this helps!