Graphic Design Before Computers

This is what graphic design was Like before computers. I am grateful I learned to become a graphic designer with the tools we have today.

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  1. Schade-alles sieht gleich aus.
    Keine eigene Ideen.

  2. We also did hand lettering of headlines. Was very satisfying. When you had a concept you weren’t locked into the finish until you went into photography or illustration of your idea. Much more fluid, creative, and individually owned branded graphics before computers. Computers gave us speed.

  3. And, I’m very happy to have learned to be a graphic designer, industrial designer and Architect before computers. Even though now, it’s hard to imagine that time before computers, I have the benefit of all the hand skills needed before them. There is nothing that I cannot do which is more than any grad of the last 20 years can say.