Why your $8 Shirt is a Huge Problem

Watch the video and learn why your $8 shirt is a huge problem, by Eve Andrews and Darby Minow Smith

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  1. There’s a wonderful documentary called “The True Cost” on Netflix that exposes the human and environmental toll exacted by the fast fashion industry’s need to produce cheaper clothing faster. It talks at length about the problems and proposes that change would have to be systemic and that we, as consumers, hold the power to effect that change.


  2. Doesn’t the US have st vincent de paul or similar? You know, a place where you take your unwanted cloths and they give them for free to people that are in need?

  3. The documentary addresses the donation aspect as well. What happens is that a lot of people justify the speed with which they get rid of their clothes with “Oh, I’m donating them to people in need so it’s ok.” The truth of the matter is that the charities don’t have the capacity to process and/or sell all the clothing they receive and so they package everything up and send them overseas to third-world countries like Haiti. Haiti used to have a flouring textile industry but that is not longer the case due to the volume of donated clothing they receive from charities around the world. In addition, a lot of the donated clothes (both in the U.S. and elsewhere) actually end up sitting in landfills for, potentially, hundreds of years.

  4. Political dogma.