Vintage Slotted Menu Board

Vintage Slotted Menu Board

I totally want one of these Vintage Slotted Menu Board to tell my kids whats on the menu this week, or to send subliminal messages to my team. But yikes, #expensive.

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  1. Thanks Swiss Miss. We are busy working on a cheaper version, this first version was all cut by hand hence the cost.


  2. Hi Swiss Miss, I made this cafe menu board about three years ago for a local cafe with Letterpress printed text inserts – its a useful solution to ever changing menu / prices etc…

  3. We use a stick on chalk board chez moi for that very purpose. Simple is beautiful – and the kids love to write their own little notes on it. ?

  4. I can always go for a berwed. Love me some berwed.

  5. Haha! I saw the Berwed coffee too! Crack up. :)

  6. the board is simply beautiful! a less-pricey option are the letter boards from letterfolk – not sure if you’ve already heard of them. lot’s of space to send messages to your team!

  7. Tiny, check out same concept, but they also LIGHT UP!!! :D

  8. Tina, check out same concept, but they also LIGHT UP!!! :D