Never Hem Again

Scale Denim aims to make jeans with different inseam and waist sizes. So no matter how tall or short you are, you will have a pair of jean that perfectly fit your body through the waist, thigh, knee, and calf. As a tall woman, I endorse this idea. But, oh wait, currently only available for men. Ops! Ok then guys, support the Kickstarter and help get this idea off the ground.

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  1. Don’t men already have this? I’m confused.

  2. I dunno. This kinda strikes me as a very unique problem, suffered by short, wealthy, jean-wearing men. I haven’t worn jeans since 1999, but when I last bought a pair they were available in sizes both of waist size and inseam, exactly as they describe. Perhaps I wasn’t premium enough!

    Other types of pants are definitely sold this way. I have, I admit, bought new ones in the last century.

    But for women I can definitely see the appeal. They’ve long complained about the single-number sizing.

  3. Every pair of Levis I ever bought was specifically sized to both waist and inseam, and cost a fraction of the price of these ‘inexpensive’ premium jeans. Pffft.

  4. but men already buy pants by waistsize/inseam length. it’s most womens’ jeans that are 32 inches as a standard (and 34 inches on premium denim). this is silly.

  5. Hi xtotheq (@xtotheq) and K. Shark (@kshark),

    We do hope to do women’s jeans once we get things moving. As a new company, we are improving how we communicate why our brand is different and sometimes it’s not easy. We’re getting better so I thank you for your feedback. With that said, I do hope you made it past the initial description of what we do.

    Here’s how we see it: men are different heights (obviously) but premium jeans are simply not available in multiple inseams. Please have a look to see if this is true. No other company offers 7 different inseams. Can you find jeans in different inseams? Of course, but these sizes are very limited and it is mostly for non-premium jeans. You might find a 32″ inseam and rarely a 30″ but here’s the thing: the cut of the jean has not been scaled. Instead, the company will just chop off 2″ or 4″, respectively, from the standard 34″. And by doing this, you’ve altered the way the jean was designed to fit. Now you might need to get the leg tapered as well. Very few people will fit perfectly into a 34″ inseam. I am 6’2″ and a 34″ is too long on me.

    For a proper fit across all heights, you need to proportionally adjust all of the measurements that go into making a pair of jeans. Not only do we offer 7 inseam lengths but the build of each size is graded proportionally.

    I wish you the best and thanks for taking the time to write.


    Creative Director at Scale Denim

  6. Hi Prescott Perez-Fox (@prescottperezfox),

    Thanks for your positive critical feedback. Great to have your perspective. I think it’s time for you to try on a pair of jeans again :)

    What’s interesting is that premium men’s jeans are sold in one inseam length – 34″. That fits a man who is 6’3″ or 6’4″. The average height of a man in the US is 5′ 9 1/2″, so just based on the math this issue applies to a large majority of (jean-wearing) men. This means a lot of cuffed jeans or a visit to the tailor.

    Best of luck,

    Creative Director at Scale Denim

  7. Best of luck to you! Finding jeans the right length is a problem for many.