Things I Didn’t Buy

I recently started keeping a list of things I didn’t buy. I look back at it often and it fills me with all the good feels. The list reminds me that many of the things I think I NEED TO HAVE would end up very quickly just becoming STUFF. Marie Kondo’s approach, by simply asking “does this bring me joy” has changed the way I look at anything I own. But best of all, my “I didnt’ buy this list” is a great reminder of money I saved.

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  1. This post has brought a smile to my face. The things I didn’t buy sounds like a wonderful collection of reality bites. Well done for not buying them!

    P.S. I’m most definitely going to adopt this :)

  2. I have been doing this too! I pin them to Pinterest. I still get the satisfaction of acquiring it and the satisfaction of seeing it again. (There are one or two things, though, that I do wish I would have bought.)

  3. Love this idea!! Starting it immediately.

  4. Saving money and less stuff for nature to deal with in the long run!!

  5. Starting my own list now. Thanks :)

  6. was your list on spread sheet or a special app, which works like ad blocker for all the unwanted shopping items?

  7. Love this so much! I’m a huge Kondo-er, and this sounds like a great idea. I’m taking this up :)