Hopeful (Again)

I marched in NYC today. It was peaceful, kind, massive and filled me up with hope.

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  1. Yah, me, too! Sacramento, CA. The malaise has lifted.

    Love, Not Hate, Makes America Great!

  2. We are stronger together. This is what democracy looks like.

  3. I was there too, it made me feel the same way, and I wish I would have seen you there wearing this EXCELLENT perfect message. Thank you for always carrying that very message, Tina.

  4. I would love to have seen that! London was a huge demonstration as well, great to see so many women with a voice of hope.

  5. Omg is this you? LOVE IT!!!! The marches were so inspiring. The turnout absolutely unbelievable. When I saw the vast amounts of people in our area (so cal) and around the world, I was moved to tears. In Los Angeles over 850,000 gathered and that’s after they shut down the metroline because it was getting too big. Not one arrest was made. Not one. Thank you for marching.

  6. They were beautiful. This is perfect. There have to be more of these, more directed, but good lord, what a great start. I haven’t been this hopeful about progressive values and democracy in forever. Less acting out like Friday (it’s playing into their hands) and more hearts and togetherness. It really was a great weekend, all over the world.

  7. Nice outfit. What were you marching for?

  8. Keep your head up high, Tina!
    And I keep my fingers crossed (propably my hardest four years doing that). Plus whatever it takes.