Question For My Readers:

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  1. Ann Arbor! :-) #GoBlue

  2. Anchorage AK

  3. Spokane, WA!

  4. Amsterdam, Netherlands!

  5. Stockholm Sweden ??????????

  6. New York!

  7. I’m not American and I live in Geneva, Switzerland (British citizen) but I marched. I wanted to participate in some small way. Be present.

  8. eating pancakes to support a peace camp in Las Cruces, NM

  9. Berlin, Germany!

  10. Washington, DC!

  11. Cincinnati, OH!!!

  12. right at the epicenter. and it was amazing

  13. Marched in Nashville today!
    Turning this red state purple!!!

  14. Geneva, Switzerland!

  15. Cleveland, Ohio!

  16. Shipley, UK. 1500 people!

  17. We marched in Stockholm. In the cold were in the thousands!

  18. Geneva (hop Suisse !)

  19. Dublin!

  20. Rochester NY!

  21. Watching the first full day of Trump unfold with cheers.