Keith Jarrett

I just bought tickets to see Keith Jarrett perform at Carnegie Hall on February 15th. I am thrilled and currently listening to his famous Köln concert. Do you love solo piano? If so, who are our favorites?

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  1. Almost any piece by Nil Frahm and Olafur Arnalds plus some Philip Glass tracks like “Openning”.

  2. spiegel im spiegel by arvo part

    parent android by brad mehldau

    dolphin dance by herbie hancock

  3. John Weber, a New York City- and Chicago-based jazz pianist and composer. Super!
    Franc, Jean-Baptiste – wild guy!
    Dear Tina, I wish you a good 2017. :))

  4. Oscar Peterson and Oliver Jones

  5. anything by Dustin O’Halloran. perfect music to create to. (thanks for this post Tina. Beautiful piece I’ve never heard before!)

  6. Thanks @Laurie and @Peleg.

  7. I love Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm and Dustin O’Halloran too. You could also try Fabrizio Paterlini and Ludovico Einaudi. I forgot Ryuichi Sakamoto and Otto A. Totland, and if you fancy Scandinavian jazz, Bugge Wesseltoft and Esbjörn Svensson.

  8. Love this TED talk ‘Tim Harford: How frustration can make us more creative’
    which starts with a story on the background of the Koln Concert.

  9. Chilly Gonzales – Solo Piano albums

  10. For me it has to be Jean Yves Thibaudet: conversations with Bill Evans

  11. fazil say – black earth 1997 solo piano.
    it so powerful – have no words.
    bonus: take a look on how he actually uses the piano in the intro :)

  12. Ditto what John C said: Chilly Gonzales – Solo Piano albums are the absolute best!

  13. this piece of music was the accomaniment to my son’s arrival…