WD-40 Hacks

I had never even heard of WD-40 before I moved to the U.S. Some of these 40 hacks are pretty impressive and made me realize it does’ more than just free rusted metal parts or stop things from making squeaky noises.

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  1. Who knew WD-40 could do all that.

    I love the “Inspire to Make” YouTube channel. The video reminds a bit of “Geranien und Kaffeesatz” – do you remember that, Tina?

    LG, Nina

  2. If you like the smell of WD-40, by all means spray liberally all over your leather jacket zipper. You’ll enjoy that for a long time. Sorry for the sarcasm but while WD-40 can be a good lubricant and cleaner it will soak into your clothing and smell very strongly for a while.