Friday Link Pack

Artist Serene Teh created a brilliant page-flipping live animation of Assassin’s Creed with ink on paper

A short history of global living conditions

– I want this Courage pin!

This post makes me want to buy a pool noodle!

– Wow. Buffer has a completely transparent product roadmap. (via)

We Don’t Meet Anyone by Accident

– I work with wonderful humans: Guggenheim Friday Lego Winedown

– These are helpful not just in a sales environment: 23 Email Sales Lines to Spur Action.

LinkedIn Is Testing A New Feature That Matches You With A Mentor

– What the what? Pollock chocolate bar?

– This made me smile: The three cleaning graces

This cat bed!

11 ways that I, a white man, am not privileged, by Matt Caron

An inflatable tent.

– These amphibious adventure sneakers are made from Algae

A planter with a face on it!

– This cactus car charger is cute.

– I love love love classic Turkish towels.

– I can’t handle the cuteness of this ‘walk-bike‘ for little ones.

– I just dealt with a seriously clogged toilet and this article on how to fix it was helpful. I didn’t realize it was about moving the water back and forth, not air. Doh.

– The big whale in the Natural History Museum is my favorite. Here’s how he gets cleaned.

– This jetpack backpack is pretty darn adorable.

– This is one beautiful Glass French Press.

– Honored to be speaking at the AIGA Design Conference 2017 this October in Minnesota.

– Put an Avocado on it.

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  1. Re: clogged toilets
    warm water, dish soap, a little bit of sitting time, disposable chopstick if neccessary. works for me most times.

    also if you do oil pulling: they tell you not to spit it out in the sink, but dont even spit it out in the toilet.

    dont put anything in the toilet other than uncolored toilet paper (no kleenex, no wet wipes like Cottonelle, no cotton balls, no tampons, etc).

    I want a bed like that Cat Bed link above. :-)

  2. Is that Caron piece meant to be satire? Because of not, it smacks of ignorant white male privilege. :/

  3. @Kat if you read the article to the end you’ll realize the point. I’m not going to spoil it here because it’s quite delightful :)

  4. @R Thanks for the clarification. I made it to the third point and felt a bit ill by then. I’ve read way too many genuinely awful (whether intentionally directed or not) lists recently to maintain patience for more.

  5. Those adventure sneakers made from algae are cool.

    The Turkish towels are good value too! I was expecting them to be a lot more expensive. Yay!

  6. re: meeting no one by accident
    Is that several ways to describe fate? What about those people who impact your life in a real and significant way during a certain period but then move out of your life and you don’t always keep up with..How do you know if it’s important to bring them back into your world; e.g. I miss you! Or were they just passing thru and somehow you *know* the lesson or laughter or lament is complete?

    gah. Maybe fate is lazy.

    What connections do we pursue and which do we shrug knowing they are done?