My Adobe MAX Talk

What an honor to have been invited to speak at Adobe MAX last week! And how delightful to find the talk already available online! In this talk I cover some of the values I base my companies on, my approach to being a leader of multiple companies and 9 of my favorite interview questions. This is by far the longest, most honest and personal talk I have ever given. I hope you enjoy!

You can watch all of the other talks here.

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  1. That was so brave, insightful, inspiring and fun. I’m trying to start my own workalone business; while exciting, it is also terrifying, but a lot of what you said will really help. I took notes! Thank you, Tina.

    Oh, can I have glitter AND confetti? Can’t decide on one.

  2. WOW! that was really inspiring! I remember when I started following you a few years ago and I sent you an email, you were so helpful and now you are this inspiring person with many businesses and incredible goals. I wish you all the good karma in the world.

  3. Thank you for this amazing talk. I am only half way into it but I am loving it.

  4. This is my favorite talk to date – you are a true inspiration Tina! This talk comes at just the right moment for me as I am experimenting with a product line while also running my small design studio. You have just given me clarity – thank you so much for sharing your story.

    Sending lots of love your way!


  5. Thanks for showing up with your heart, Tina. The world is a better place with you in it.

  6. You’re a star Tina, you’ve inspired me no end.

  7. The talk is so inspiring, you know what i have never streamed a talk of one hour before, not even a 30 min talk. I have no idea how you have kept me watching it. You have the power. And you have just become a mentor of me.
    Thanks definitely a follower of you.
    -Shareef, trying to biuld my own graphics design brand called Sharyphics- ??

  8. What a wonderfully inspiring talk! So many great take away messages, thank you for sharing Tina. You are a beautiful person and the world could do with more people like you in it!

  9. Fantastic! What a joy to watch.

  10. Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed it. I’ve been following you for years and welled up after hearing you talk about your divorce. Amazing how that detail further connected you to the audience and brought the human element to your presentation – exactly what you’ve been preaching/talking about! Thank you for sharing the “uncomfortable” and the real and the honest. It’s inspiring, and how lucky we all are to be able to listen and learn. I’m off now to organise those guitar lessons I’ve been putting off!

  11. Dear Tina, congrats on this fantastic talk! Without a doubt, you are one the persons who are inspiring me the most to get out there to meet new friends, create, experiment, play and learn to become more comfortable outside my comfort zone. I am looking forward to meeting you again. Thank you for being so generous and caring! All the best, Volker

  12. Thanks everyone for your super kind comments! My heart is full!

  13. I love Creative Mornings, and I love what you have started and continue to encourage. The CM talk in Atlanta was something I looked forward to every month when I was living there. I’ve since moved to Luxembourg and was saddened to find out there isn’t a chapter here. Please, please, please tell me someone has suggested starting a chapter here, and please tell me how I can help get one going!

  14. Tina,

    I listened to your Do Lecture talk a while ago which is great.
    But this is REALLY special. I love that you wear your heart on a sleeve and show vulnerability and honesty. The only way to be.

    Thank you for the huge inspiration. I envy you for your skill of building community, something I lack in but would like to get better at. I dream of a community like the ones you surround yourself with. Yet I find myself alone.

    At 53, I also take far less chances and am aware of needing to do more of the ‘uncomfortable’. So many nuggets here…..

    I listen to Bréne Brown’s TED talk on Vulnerabilty once a month (keeps me grounded). It makes me cry every time. Your talk made me cry. I think this will be a monthly too:-)

    Empathy and kindness IS everything!

    Thank you for being you. Now I’ll go, empty a draw and fill it with confetti.
    This will remind me of your talk and to take more action towards my dreams.

    Kindest Tina

  15. Thank you – this resonated so much with me – inspired! (and also looked up Creative Mornings for Ireland and see there is one here…..will be planning a visit)

  16. Tina – this was the greatest talk. I really really enjoyed hearing it and instantly signed up to creative mornings over here in Copenhagen. Thanks for sharing that you can be a leader in a way that suits you – i also feel that I don’t fit into the stereotypical leader profile, and it has always made me feel uncomfortable.

  17. Thank you! I hadn’t known of Creative Mornings before, but wow, what an inspirational talk this was.

    Every CEO in America should watch this!

  18. I will always admire you.
    You are an endless source of inspiration.
    Thank you, Tina. ^_^*

  19. I forget who said it, but it’s been said that a great way to gauge good people from bad, is to observe how they treat hospitality staff. Maybe it’s because my mother has been a waitress all her life, but I really hold true to that statement and pay close attention to how people treat people. I love your line of interview questions and I think there’s no better way to meet people than by being open and honest and interjecting a sense of humor whenever possible. Thank you for a marvelous, inspiring and thought provoking talk.

    On a side note, so stoked to have discovered Creative Mornings here in Wellington, New Zealand after moving here from San Diego, California. Finding a creative community in a new home country is truly a blessing.

    Thank you!

  20. Thank you for this amazing talk! I love how creative, forward thinking, and true to self you are. I aspire to carry this forward in my career (change)! Hopefully I’ll make it to your creative morning talks here in NYC soon!

  21. Hi Tina,
    Thanks for this talk. It was awesome and some how I really needed to hear it this week. May you continue to build awesome, fun communities, people and things.

  22. Vielen Dank für diesen fantastischen Vortrag!

    Vielleicht bekomme ich doch mal meinen Hinter hoch, um meine diversen Ideen zu verwirklichen. Die Angst zu scheitern oder schmerzhafte finanzielle Einbußen hinnehmen zu müssen, schwebt ständig in meinem Hinterkopf. Ich sollte definitiv ihre positive Sichtweise annehmen, dann wird alles gut …