“Most people seem to believe that if a relationship doesn’t last until death, it’s a failure. But the only relationship that’s truly a failure is one that lasts longer than it should. The success of a relationship should be measured by it’s depth, not by its length.”
― Neil Strauss

The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships

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  1. Did you copy this quote directly? Because the last sentence should be using the possessive form of its – “Its” rather than “it’s”. I’m not sure who made the error but you might want to fix it.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out Martha. What an embarrassing mistake. :(

  3. The other “it’s” must be changed too! Then you can erase my commentary!! :-)

  4. Wow this quote really made me stop and think. Thank you.

  5. its a pretty true quote, thanks for the reminder..

  6. “measured by its depth”, not measured by it’s depth…. :)

  7. It’s easy to remember the possessive case:
    mine, yours, his, her, its, our, your, his, hers, their.
    I know I am mixing up subjective and objective.

    You would never see “your’s” or “her’s” or “it’s”
    “It’s” is always the contraction of “it is”

  8. The quote is amazing and has already started to change my perspective on friendship. I was able to get a full measure of its impact even with the grammatical oversights. Better to have posted it ‘as is’ rather than not posting it at all. Thank you!