Respect The User

I wasn’t quite expecting the response the above Tweet got. (Click to read responses) Looks like I am not the only one ready for more respectful social media platform. I have been frustrated with the algorithms that determine what my feed looks like in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for a while now, but this thread made my heart sink. I wholeheartedly despise how the algorithms determine what information is being served up. All I want is reverse chronological.

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  1. Tina, I am completely with you on this. Looks like a project for you and your Teuxdeux friends?

  2. What are you waiting for.
    Do it.

    [After early-adopting FB, I quickly ditched it because it kept pushing me to lose weight and prodded me to do online gaming – the horror!! (The cursed algo for middle-aged woman). ]

  3. Have you looked at Ello? It started out as an answer to this, but has recently pivoted to more of a design focus in its community and content…