“Although there are some examples of highly engaged communities being developed via technology (e.g., Peloton riders), when it comes to belonging, real connection will most likely come from in-person interaction in real life. But having physical space is not enough: Brands should create spaces, experiences, products, and services that deliberately foster the conditions for diverse people coming together in respectful environments for shared experiences.”

Excellent read: The Best Brands Are The Ones That Build “Belonging”

Uhm, CreativeMornings, anyone? Every month 20k creative types get together in over 65 countries. For free.

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  1. I am so glad that Creative Mornings exists. It challenges me every month and helps me connect with interesting people. I gave the Childhood talk a few years ago and my daughter will give the Curiosity one this week. So thank you Tina, as you can see your ideas are already passing from one generation to other.