The End Goal

“The goal isn’t credit. The goal is change.”
– Seth Godin

When your ideas get stolen.

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  1. hmmm I remember I stopped following this blog when every other post was some whining about other people ‘stealing’ the Tattly idea…

    Time to unfollow it again – the unrelenting and unrealistic positivity that you don’t live up to yourself has been getting me down…

  2. Erm… but what about making a living?

    I don’t mean that his comments are not valid at all, but they seem, well, privileged. Of course those things are true. But they are much less important than being able to a) read what you have sown and b) see those ideas off into the world as you would want to and think it best.

  3. That’s a false contrast: the goal is, yes, change AND credit for your hard work, which is sustaining to artists (and humans) both economically and in terms of personal arc and pride. Taking someone else’s ideas (and the credit, I might add) is not OK and distinct from creating, say, variations on ideas. Godin is pretty clear he’s talking about the former and I couldn’t disagree more.

    (I’ve never liked Godin’s glibness. I’m with Capa that he reeks of privilege, a special, white-guy, I’m-in-marketing-but-talk-in-proclomations-like-I’m-a guru-on-a-mountain privilege.)