8×10.co is a new, easy and intuitive way for artists to sell high quality, limited edition art prints, by simply posting to Instagram. No need to set up a separate online store. I am friends with the founders and was able to see sample prints: They are *impressive*! Overall the service is carefully crafted, intuitive and a pleasure to use. But the best part, they handle all of the shipping. Where has this service been all along? See how it works.

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  1. Title missing / title too long?

    And the app seems to be USA only.

  2. Hi Manu!

    We use a platform called Connect Express by Stripe.com. Currently it’s only available for artists that have a US bank account. As soon as they enable it globally – you’ll be able to use 8×10.

    For artists in the US, anything sold can be purchased and shipped globally.

    Hope this helps!

  3. I would love to have this in the UK

  4. Sam!

    As soon as Stripe Express Connect is available overseas – we’ll be there! They said they’re working on it –

  5. What is the music playing in this video? It’s beautiful!

  6. Wish we could take credit for that… it’s stock. ;-)