Calamari Will Never Be The Same

The fine folks of This American Life got a tip about a meat plant selling pig intestines as fake calamari. They investigated and now I can never eat Calamari again.

Listen in.

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  1. Heard this a while back, and same, haven’t eaten it since!

  2. ^ Same!

  3. I actually gasped in horror at that illustration. Checking out that link, there’s no way I can not not listen to it now.

  4. I mean, flesh rings are flesh rings …

  5. It has been awhile since I first heard this, but I remember there being something almost touching at the end about the fake calamari, like you were almost rooting for it at the end.

  6. Having had both fried squid and fried pork bung, I can definitively say there is no way you would ever mistake them.