Introducing: Tattly Balloons

Team Tattly launched balloons yesterday! YAY! So many Feelings! Can you RESIST?

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  1. These are awesome!! ?

  2. Cute! But ‘yes’, I can resist. It’s more (very) short living plastic.

  3. I never comment here, but I have to agree with Daniel. Why do we need more single use plastic? Very disappointed.

  4. Wow, I was quite surprised that there is a balloon product on the newsletter and right under it a very environmentally conscious washable lunch bag.

    Do you know what they pull out of many dead birds and sea creatures (many of them turtles) stomachs? Broken balloons. Unless these balloons miraculously biodegrade within a week, I think you should reconsider such a product.

    People are already aware of the millions of straws in oceans, they need to become aware of the dangers of balloons too.

  5. I’m with the previous 3 commenters… Even though they are latex, they can last up to a year in salt water and are devastating to marine life. Entanglement in the string or a stopped-up gut from ingesting is a horrible way to go.

  6. Just wanted to add my voice to the previous comments. I could not agree more. Bad choice for the environment no matter how great looking they are and should not be a product we’re making more of.

  7. i thought we decided balloons were terrible? no? Bad for the environment? Worse than straws.

  8. now i see the thread – unanimous. And, no comment from Swiss Miss. Sad.