My Most Personal Talk To Date

Tina Roth-Eisenberg – new title from The Do Lectures on Vimeo.

This summer, attending the Do Lectures in Wales, I gave the most personal talk of my life. I talk about my divorce and my spiritual journey as an entrepreneur. I admit, I am a bit nervous sharing this. Deep breaths.

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  1. Thank you Tina, I needed to hear this.
    fröhlichi Wienacht

  2. thank you for all the goodness you put into the world.

  3. Whatever you go through personally or professionally, the journey is always inspiring. And many times it is your example I remember, when struggling to continue with an open heart in my own life. So thank you for that and the light that already shines all the way from New York to a small country in Northern Europe :)

  4. Tina, this was so lovely to watch and hear. I am not in a creative field of work but attend Creative Mornings for the community of people, the inspiration it gives me in my personal creativity, and the sense that I leave each time with this feeling that people *are* inherently kind and good.

    Thank you for sharing your heart in this talk, especially on this day. Can’t wait to learn more about CreariveGuild. Thank you for what you bring to the world.

  5. Hi Tina, is there a link yet for the Creative Guild. I’m not a maker but have lots of friends who are.

    It was me who left the question about Mark Silver on the video. He is someone who has genuinely integrated spirituality and business (he’s a sufi – from memory he’s from New York, but don’t quote me).

  6. This was brilliant. Thank you for your open hearted honesty. And thank you for the reminders—especially when the universe is cheering us on! Brava. And more…please!!!!

  7. …so much to love here. Genuine, from the heart. Your words and energy resonate Tina. Thank you for sharing this (and that you do)…

  8. thank you for this, Tina!

  9. Loved it! Thank you for opening your heart and for sharing! Merry Christmas <3

  10. Thank you for your loving generosity of spirit.

  11. You are so inspiring! Thank you for putting all the good energy out in the world.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s so true – our Internet-selves are just one tiny sliver of our actual-selves. I appreciate your willingness to share something so raw and real. I’m in a 13 years+ relationship with a very nice person, but I know deep down this isn’t “it.” I don’t have kids but I’m terrified of all the what if’s (what if it’s worse? what if I can’t find a place to live? what if I’m incredibly lonely?). Your experience gives me some hope that the universe may, just may, conspire and that it could be OK, or even… Better. I’m so impressed with all that you do and share and inspire. Thank you for sharing the real, less glamorous side to all your outer success stories – inspiring.

  13. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?❤️❤️❤️❤️☀️☀️☀️☀️?????????????✨✨✨✨✨✨???

  14. Thank you. You are Amazing. Your talk was honest and vulnerable and needed.

  15. Thank you Tina, for both your vulnerability and creative spirit. I am living a story right now of striking similarity, and your sharing this has helped me more than you can imagine.
    A thousand times YES to Creative Guild. Eager to see and connect with what is coming!

  16. Wow! Thank you for sharing this! You are endlessly inspiring!

  17. Thanks/Merci Tina for sharing your personal rollercoasting and spiritual growing with me/us/the world ✨ Greets from Lake Constance
    I liked very much your comparison between Appenzell and Arizona ?
    „Maybe you are searching among the branches.
    For what only appears in the roots“ – Rumi

  18. You provide much needed great energy in the world, Tina! ❤️

  19. Here’s to full body yes’s! I’m with you.

  20. Dear Tina,
    your speach is beautiful. Thank you. It was just what I needed to hear right now.
    Greetings from your old homeland

  21. Thank you Tina. I needed this this morning, We know and respond when there is love in something. A performance, a plate of food, a design, a photo…

  22. You are forever an inspiration, Tina. Thank you for sharing your story and for everything you put out into the world.

  23. Thank you for your vulnerability and willingness to share. This is one of the most moving and real talks and I’m grateful for this. You bring so much generosity, meaning and joy to so many people around the world, incl me. Cheering you on from here in San Diego, and always!

  24. Wow! Incredible. Thank you

  25. Wonderful! Such light I needed to hear,
    Ana Maria

  26. Incredible. Thank you. You inspire me.

  27. Like everybody: THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for that! I need help (creative and probably otherwise) and yearn for full body yeses! I’ll keep in touch re CreativeGuild!

  28. Truly a great performance, so inspiring thanks for sharing, you are brave and beautiful.

  29. thank you

  30. Lovely. Thank you for inspiring, giving, and creating. I can’t wait for Creative Guild.

  31. Thank you for sharing and inspiring with such generosity.

  32. thank you for posting… i needed to hear what you said. i need to listen to the full body yes and my heart.

  33. I so needed this Tina, felt a full body yes about necessarily looking at our businesses from a spiritual perspective. Thank you for sharing.

  34. That Brecht quote is powerful. Thank you for sharing your story and vision for what you want for your children. Inspiring.

  35. Wonderful! Such light I needed to hear,