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  1. To me, this cartoon seems about 25 years out of date. Few of us walk into all male places of work these days, and the attempt to be “one of the guys” with the squared off shoulders and suit and tie seem like right out of the ’80s.

    Today, sexism in the work place is far more subtle and insidious. Plus, we don’t really want to be “one of the guys”; we want to get paid equally for equal work. Wait until Purl gets her pay check.

  2. I think this video was very problematic. The short could have been far more effective if, say, one of the suits had a moment of awareness and decided to be more welcoming, thus helping turn the tide. Instead, the onus of culture change fell on the minority to a) assimilate, b) welcome others in, and c) then return to who they were when they weren’t accepted originally… which is an equation for failure, not success. I was super disappointed – wanted to like it, but just couldn’t. It muddied the waters and fell short of its intended goal.