Life Lessons

1. Everything is temporary.
2. Life is not fair.
3. Others treat you the way you treat yourself.
4. Happiness is a choice and requires hard work.
5. Beneath anger is always fear.
6. Family are the people who truly love you.
7. Things don’t matter that much.
8. A lifetime is not very long.
9. You played it too safe. You should take more risks.

Number 3 really hit me in the heart: Lessons people learn too late in life.

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  1. #3, #6—Not if you are child growing up in a household of abuse.

  2. Number 3 is a self-destructive lie. Ask any person of color if others treat them the way they treat themselves. Consider how often a woman catcalls herself.

  3. CA: I don’t disagree with your assessment. But I read #6 in a different tone: Not “the people related to you by blood always love you no matter how they treat you,” but “the people who truly love you are your family, regardless of whether you were born to them or found them later.”

  4. I wish more people knew/believed/understood #4. It’s so important.

  5. @Erik Wessing – I agree about Number 3. In some contexts it makes sense, but in others it can be harmful.

    I would rephrase it to something like this: Treat yourself with great care. It is an inspiration to those who would do the same, and a shield against those who would not.