Consequences Of The Little Choices

“People should think about the consequences of the little choices they make each day. What do you buy? Where did it come from? Where was it made? Did it harm the environment? Did it lead to cruelty to animals? Was it cheap because of child slave labor?”
Jane Godall

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  1. This is a great idea in theory, but in practice exhausting and impossible. It’s one of the great tricks of capitalism that we have been led to believe its the individual’s responsibility to research every single product we bring into our lives or else it’s *our* fault that the companies who made it were cruel / unethical / unenvironmental. No, instead of telling consumers to take on more and more burden, you should be promoting the message that our regulators are letting us down. They could make a world where unethical products are illegal or expensively taxed… taking the burden off a million individual decision makers.