Marco Polo Video Chat App

I just discovered the Marco Polo Video Chat App and I am intrigued. With my family and a lot of my friends living in different parts of the world, I often find it hard to stay in touch beyond just text and email. Marco Polo seems to have cracked this nut. You can talk/ aka record a video message when you’re on the go, between appointments, whenever it’s convenient for you. Your friend can watch in real time or later. Unlike other video apps, you don’t need to be live. It’s safe and private. So, that means, no likes, no comments. Dreamy!

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  1. This looks pretty cool. But in looking into it there seems to be a growing wave of complaints that it’s a bit of a bad actor, spamming users’ contacts without permission (and by extension harvesting users’ contacts to do that and whatever else they wish to do with them).

  2. or you can simply record video and send it to your family and a lot of your friends via whatsapp or another messager & they can answer same way

  3. I Love Marco Polo! My partner travels a lot for work. We have an 8 year old daughter who LOVES to send videos. Even when her dad is out of town for the weekend she blasts him with little clips. It’s extra special because you can play them over and over again. PLUS the “watcher” can also stream live! When our daughter had a drumming performance at school last year and her dad unfortunately was away, we were able to link him in via Marco Polo (and my cell phone) and he watched the performance as it happened!!

  4. Couldn’t you just hit the record button on the video function of your phone and send it via text message?

  5. I have been using Marco Polo for over a year and absolutely love it. My family and I moved to Stockholm two years ago and we use MP to stay in touch with everyone back in the US. Our 75+-year-old parents were able to install and learn it quickly, which means it’s a form of communication they will actually use on a regular basis. ! With a nine-hour-time difference it’s a perfect way to asynchronously stay connected. My three-year-old son loves seeing the videos and using the filters when he’s recording something for his grandparents.