Happy 10th Birthday, TeuxDeux!

10 years ago today, my friends at FictiveKin and I launched TeuxDeux, a simple, minimal to-do app. If you like paper lists, you’ll like TeuxDeux.

Happy our birthday to you!

I keep my TeuxDeux as the browser landing page, which means, every time I open a browser window I am being reminded what I should be focusing on. Whatever you don’t check off today, will automatically roll over to the next day. You see the week at a glance and it’s delightfully simple. And in the ‘someday section’ below I keep lists like shopping, movies I want to watch, gift ideas for the kids, etc

Try it for free for 30 days! And if you do, do me a favor and enable the flying cat in the settings. You’ll see!

ps: We have an iOS app, but no Android yet. Someday!

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  1. I absolutely love TeuxDeux. Have been using it to keep my work/life in order, since you launched it. 10 years!! I can’t believe it.

    Thank you thank you thank you, for everything that you deux :D

  2. Happy Birthday from a loyal TeuxDeux user for years! :)

  3. Happy Birthday! I would be lost without it!

  4. Ever since I learned about this app, years ago, I check the app store for an Andriod version on a regular basis. Maybe for Christmas next year, Santa? I’ve been really good!

  5. The best app for task management. Full stop. Since years. Big fan. Happy birthday from France !

  6. I’ve been user since the start. Thanks.
    Best features of this app.
    1. Super clean interface.
    2. Todo app with a calendar view. Most todo apps do not have this.
    3. Small monthly fees avoid selling app to Google and being deprecated.
    4. It always works. Never shuts down.
    5. Team somehow avoids the urge to keep adding features.