Stay Home

Starting tomorrow all schools are closed in NYC. For weeks, if not months.

Wow! I can’t help but feel as if the earth is resetting itself.

So many are suffering, but I also see so much humanity in action. People opening their hearts and helping each other, finding moments of joy.

Humans are resilient. We will be ok. All will be ok. But for now, let’s stay home.

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  1. “…the Earth resetting itself.”

    I like that a lot, and hope you’re right.

  2. I too, have taken slight comfort in the fact that this pandemic is nature-driven. As humans, we are but guests on earth. And every now and again, Mother Earth needs to kick us down, remind us who’s boss. We aren’t listening to her so much via global warming, so maybe this will get us to re-prioritize how we take care of our ultimate home.

  3. “The earth is resetting itself.” So well said. I think this is mother earth’s way of saying slow down.

  4. “Earth resetting itself,” yes! Now we have no choice but to sit with ourselves for a while and have that be enough.

  5. I would also say that at the root of this public health emergency are questions about the way we treat animals. Novel viruses, antibiotic resistance, and hazardous waste are just some of the consequences of our choice (conditioning) to eat animals and raise them in inhumane conditions.


  7. “Earth resetting itself” – indeed. But now it’s time to reset ourselves!