Please Be My Desk

This aesthetic! Gah! Georg stool and desk, please be mine!

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  1. 1. Can I work around the problem with a repair, modification, or change in use?
    2. If I buy this, what else am I not buying?
    3. Can I afford this?
    4. Will this item help me do things I can’t do now?
    5. Will buying this item significantly increase my enjoyment of X?
    6. How often will I use this in the next year? In the next five years?
    7.Will this item become obsolete in the near term?
    8. Is this item repairable?
    9,Do I really need ‘the best’? What is a good second choice?
    10. Can I buy something used that will do the job?
    11. Am I supporting a business I know and like? Do our values align?

  2. You’re funny, Phil.

    As a matter of fact, one of the reasons I keep this blog is that it keeps me from buying things. By posting them here, I ‘own them’ a little bit. In a virtual sense.

  3. Phil Ward, who are you ? Show yourself ( in the form of a blog or social media presence ) !! If you can write all this, you have more wisdom to offer to the world.