Some of my Favorite Personal Blogs

My blog is turning 15 today. Maintaining this little corner on the internet has been one of the most rewarding projects ever. I wish more people would go back to owning their content, maintaining their own, well curated corner of the internet. Some of the folks that are doing that and I consistently go back to are:

Jason Kottke

Chris Glass

Christopher Jobson

Jonnie Waldman


Kevin Kelly

Frank Chimero

Seth Godin

Maria Popova

What personal blogs do you go back to regularly?

Let’s bring blogrolls back!

Happy my 15th blog-iversary to you! Thank you for reading. I appreciate you.

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  1. It’s been a fun read over the years.

  2. Happy blog-iversary! Your Friday link packs are the highlight of my week. Thank you for writing & curating!

  3. Thanks for all those curious and fun facts! For me also the Friday links are the best of my week! I hope they continue for a long time!

  4. Happy blog birthday!!

  5. Happy blog-i-versary! Your corner of the internet is one of my faves. I love your design eye, quirky sensibilities, passion projects, and now spiritual awakening content. Thank you

  6. Yay you for 15 years. As a knitter, I follow knitting blogs, but I also love art. Thank you for keeping on!

  7. Yours! I go to your corner of the internet regularly. Thank you for helping us stay sane. Such a calm considered corner. I love it. Happy blog-o-versery! Here’s to another 15 years!

  8. Happy Blogaversary! I always enjoy your content and your link packs.

  9. yours is my favorite and the only one I check in with everyday!

  10. Happy Blog-i-versary! Yours is on my blog roll everyday. Thank you for your wonderful corner of the internet.

  11. Thanks a lot for sharing all these wounderful posts with us Tina :)

    Here are some of the blogs I read:

    Really loved – but they shut down a while ago…


  12. Happy Birthday Swissmiss! Feels like I’ve been here forever, very close to all the 15 years. It’s my ultimate ‘me-time’ activity on the internet. Love it!

  13. Happy Happy Birthday Swiss-Miss!!! You have been, and still are, the connective tissue in this creative blogosphere of ours. And you are a welcome read every single day! ???

  14. Been following you and Seth Godin! But definitely checking out a few of the ones you mentioned here. I miss blogging and the days when everyone blogged.

  15. I just realized I have been reading your blog daily for certainly ten years now. Thanks a lot for all that work! Happy blog-i-versary!

  16. Always my first go-to of the day. Thank you for your consistently positive messages, fun brain-jello and just plain good reads. Happy 15th!

  17. I am a faithful follower ( not a business owner) for over a decade… thank you for many inspirations and cool finds..

  18. Yours, of course, is one of my favorites. Happy 15!

    Not really a blog, but a consistent form of good posts, is Uplifting News on Reddit.

  19. Yours – obviously…

    Khoi Vins – Subtraction

    Patrick Rhone

    Nicholas Bate

    and many more!

    Oh, and Happy Happy Bloggy Birthday!

  20. I’ve checked your blog on and off for the past 10 years. During quarantine, I’ve made it a daily habit again– I love this optimistic, well-designed corner of the Internet that you’ve created! Thank you for sharing it with the world! <3

  21. Happy Blog Birthday, and thanks for this list. There are several that are new to me. is a daily drawing blog by Mattias Adolfsson who has been keeping his blog posted nearly every weekday for years and years with fun work. I recommend it.

  22. I was thinking of this the other day as I deleted years of images from an old blog. I miss curated content in the form of a blog.


  24. Yours is the best! Happy blog birthday!

  25. Thank you for this blog. It is a gift.

  26. I follow your blog for at least 10 years now and it’s the only blog I have in my bookmark toolbar. The other blog I go to often is the brilliant brainpickings and I probably read about Maria popova on your blog. Thank you for your constancy.

  27. I’m coming up to 14 years with my little blog, it’s something that I dip into now and then and I haven’t kept it as regularly updated as I should (the last couple of years I’ve experienced some personal life setbacks) but even with my sporadic output, you build quite a collection of content of 14 years – my highlight being an interview I did with the very gracious Michael Bierut that garnered 50,000 hits in one day! Swissmiss has always been my inspiration to keep going and a source of inspiration and comfort each day, especially through some of the really written ones I’ve experienced over the last couple of years. Congratulations on reaching your landmark – may there be many more years to come.

  28. Your is the only personal blog I have read consistently through the years (and for a very long time!). I have learned so many things through you and found so much inspiration. Thank you so much. You are a wonderful curator :-)

  29. BIG congratulations Tina – evolving and maintaining your excellent blog for 15 years is a massive achievement and fed your community with endless riches – thank you x

  30. Happy blogaversary!

    Thank you for introducing me to so many wonderful things over the years.

    I’m totally here for a personal blog resurgence!

  31. Biggest warmest congratulations, Tina! Your blog is what my browser opens up to every time I’m on the internet. My opening homepage used to be the news. Then one day, around 6 years ago, I noticed the news made me feel bad. I thought, “what makes me feel GOOD?”. It was a no brainer – your blog. And so it became my homepage, and…..well….it has made my life a little better. And for that I’m eternally grateful. So biggest thanks for your massive heart and amazing eye and fabulous sense of whimsy to boot! Enjoy celebrating and remember to….treat yo self. 15 years is huge!

  32. Happy 15th, a reader from Limoges, France

  33. thanks for the sharing is a really useful resource in this algorithmic world :)

  34. BIG congratulations Tina – evolving and maintaining your excellent blog for 15 years is a massive achievement

  35. Sorry I missed your blogsday. I have been around for quiet some time now probably 10 years I have never been disappointed once and keep coming back. Such a great source of everything.