Blue Mind

I have been spending the past 1.5 weeks on a small lake in upstate New York and am feeling a deep sense of clarity being so close to water. I posted about it on Instagram and someone suggested I look up the Blue Mind Theory. This makes so much sense.

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  1. This comment struck me as I am healing from a surgery and got to spend the last week at my sister’s home, a fancy place overlooking a lake. I sat in bed and watched the sunset each night and watched it rise in the morning with all the water sparkling and felt so happy and at peace with being alone, even with quarantine. I felt really lucky for that opportunity. I watched the movie Bright Star, about John Keats, while I was there (which, for me as a former English major, a needed escape), and at the end, he gets taken to somewhere in Italy to sit near the ocean in a nice climate and try to heal. Although we know how his story ends, I do think there is something healing about bright skies and sparkling water and ocean breezes and sun that I wish every overtired soul or aching body could sit in a bed and look out the open window and experience.

  2. Thank you for sharing Blue Mind. We all need our waters more than ever now.

  3. Explains a great deal why Finland is one happy nation :) Nature in general has a calming effect on human.