How Are You Organizing Your Favorite Recipes?

So many resourceful answers in this Twitter thread. How do you organize your favorite recipes? Comment below?

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  1. I email recipes to myself and save in a Recipes folder. You can copy the link into the email or type the recipe out. Makes it easy to share since you can just forward along.

  2. Definitely not by bookmarking!

    Several of my faves have vanished over the years and while mostly recoverable from the waybackmachine, it’s not the most ideal approach.

    Big fan of saving to the computer, printing and keeping in a binder in a plastic sleeve. It’s really easy to annotate / mark up this way.

    My graphic designer daughter has made gorgeous templates for her favourite recipes, but I’m a bit more low effort plain text :D

  3. For Paprika users, I’m curious how you add printed (cookbook) recipes? I too would love to have everything in one place. I use a combination, from hard copy cookbooks, Kindle cookbooks, pdf cookbooks, insta/Pinterest saves, iPhone notepad, print outs… It’s sometimes daunting to remember where the recipe I’m looking for is saved!

  4. I save EVERYTHING on Evernote

  5. Evernote has been great for me too. Have more than 400 in there. Easy to find and sort.

  6. PlanToEat is fantastic. Our favorite features:

    – Great recipe import AND export (no lock in)
    – Sharing with friends (i.e. recipe swapping)
    – Smart recipe and ingredient adjustments (e.g. convert a 4-person recipe to a 2-person meal)
    – Plan meals in a calendar with iCal feed or just add them to a Queue to pick up when you are up for cookin
    – Shopping list for next X days, broken down by favorite store (e.g. I always want to buy Dairy from Whole Foods but everything else from TJ)
    – Pantry feature lets you figure out what you actually need to shop for (e.g. automatically remove salt

    The only real shortcoming I’ve seen is that their iOS app, which is very functional but not as polished as others

  7. Any recipe I find worth “keeping”, gets written by hand in a notebook, which allows to reword the whole thing according to my own sequence and techniques. Plus the writing part helps to memorize.

  8. Paprika app! I can’t recommend it enough. When I Google or come acrossa recipe in a blog I add it using their bookmarklet. One click and I’m done. Then when meal planning I start with what I have on hand and add what’s on sale. I search by ingredient and meal plan in the app. Then the app gives me a grocery list. I order online with my local store and pickup my groceries. Then I use the app throughout the week with built in timers and recipe steps. Amazing app! I own it for all my devices: phone, laptop, tablet. It’s amazing!

  9. Like others, I use Paprika. It’s super easy to save recipes from the internet, I can copy + paste from emails, add my own, or type in ones from books I borrow from the library. It also has menu planner and shopping list features, making it easy for planning.

  10. For a recipe I’ll use with any frequency, it’s gotta be paper! I have an old-fashioned recipe box and write them on notecards to be organized in there. (I find referencing screens in the kitchen too annoying – my hands are often wet/saucy/doughy, making scrolling annoying, the screens often time out, and I like to watch things while I bake and switching between screens is also a pain.)

    New recipes are saved to Pinterest until they’ve been tried and proven themselves notecard-worthy.

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