Tiger Swiss Shoes

Whoa, blast from the past: I had a pair of these as a little kiddo growing up in Switzerland. Anyone with me here?

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  1. You just introduced me to the best website ever now!

  2. I had them growing up.

  3. ? I thought I was wearing funny shoes growing up in Germany but those beat the white patent lace up boots I tried to paint red.

  4. I still have my son’s tiger baby rug that his grandmother made for him 18 years ago. (Hi from Zürich)

  5. My best alltime friend and I hade this Tigerfinkli in the kindergarten and we say that our friendship began with the Tigerfinkli.

  6. My girls had these (25-30 yrs ago), I thought they were so cute and loved the tradition…
    But it’s always bugged me that they are Tigerfinkli when they are leopard print and not tiger stripes aaaaarrrggghhhhh
    Guess I am now Swiss and nostalgic, I’ve been here so long LOL

  7. yes for the Tigerli Finken.
    Brought some over for my Grandchildren.