Zip Top Reusable Silicone Bags

These Reusable Zip Tops look really useful. Basically a more sturdy version of a Zip Loc bag but that stand up on their own and you can wash and reuse. I am here for it.

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  1. i wish they worked as well as they look. I wanted to love them, and i backed their kickstarter, but they aren’t airtight and silicon gets a bit greasy even with dishwashing.

  2. Oh no! Thanks for sharing your experience JJ!

  3. The point where the zipper meets the lower part of the bag failed and tore on 3 our of 4 of ours after about a month of use.

  4. Just want to mention that I had the most horrendous experience with Food52 over the holidays- they clearly were overwhelmed with their orders, but instead of owning it, and admitting they didn’t ship items in time for the holidays, they lied, didn’t allow me to cancel, and then gave me the run around about the return shipping labels. I so wanted to support them, but I will never purchase anything from them again. I gave them every opportunity to make my experience right (I had about 15 emails to them/responding to them), and they disappointed me with each one. In the end my complaint with Paypal managed to get my money back. I wish it didn’t end like that, but alas it did.