Am I Part Of The Problem?

Big thanks to Kevin Kelly for sharing Am I Part of The Problem? It’s an interactive (and empathic) tool that will walk you through how to apologize. Kevin also describes in his post: “It also helps you understand the difference between intent and impact and the different ways you can make amends — direct, indirect or by example. It’s not designed to make you feel better about yourself, but instead is a useful practice in accountability.”

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  1. Love seeing this! I’d love to see you also credit the tool’s creator, Elizabeth Sampat, by name, instead of just Kevin for making you aware of it!

    Elizabeth is a fantastic human, and as a fun aside, she recently went viral for this very fun thread of imaginary chess variants, and she and her husband have a YouTube show called Himbo Chef that is exactly what it sounds like.

    (Full disclosure we are pals but I still think she merits a name credit and that your readers might enjoy these links, heh.) Cheers!