Curious Elixirs

I am currently on day 54 of trying to experience myself and my life sans alcohol. (My goal is 90 days!) What an interesting journey this is, experiencing myself without ever escaping with a drink. I feel a bit like an onion, slowly peeling layers off, discovering new feelings and sides of me I didn’t know existed.

My friends recently introduced me to the non-alcoholic and delicious Curious Elixirs Cocktails. I am so glad they did! Number 2, pictured above, is my favorite! (I wish it contained less sugar.)

If you have been on a similar journey, what are your go to non-alcoholic drinks when socializing with friends?

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  1. My go to is soda water with various bitters. Fee Brothers makes different flavored bitters, and just a few shakes turn fizzy water into a tasty mocktail. The peach bitters is my favorite, then the whiskey barrel aged bitters. Some are pretty strong, like the orange ones, so go easy.

    Oh, and after 12 years of laying off the alcohol, I can say I don’t miss it at all. After the first month or two, it stopped feeling weird. I lost a few bar friends, but I gained a lot out of it. Hope it goes well for you!

  2. This is fascinating to read because I gave up drinking alcohol shortly after I turned 21 (I know! I drank socially in college, then realized I’m pretty allergic to anything more than about 1/4 cup of wine/beer). In my 20s I felt judged, like I was being a prude or kill joy. But I was always able to enjoy myself unless everyone around me was acting stupid. But the best part was that I could easily make the decision to leave. Haha! 50 now, and over the years have learned and become much more comfortable with my decision to not drink alcohol. FWIW, I do enjoy a good citrusy fizzy water.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. In the US, Ghia for the win! It tastes like a drink without being one, and tastes fresh and sophisticated. I love it, but I wish it came in smaller bottles.

    In the UK, Sekforde drinks. Wonderful, fresh, low-sugar mixers that can be enjoyed on their own.

  5. Basil Blueberry Kombucha on ice.
    Big natural fruit flavor with some bitter and fizz.
    Hibiscus Rose kombucha is great for when a glass of rosé would be just right.
    Theres a mint lime ‘mojito’ that is a favorite also.. kombucha has become our cocktail hour/digestif drink.

  6. I’m 7 years now no alcohol and I will never touch it again! Never been a huge drinker at all but now I see how even that teeny bit I used to caused a ton of anxiety + killed off my creativity too. Plus its cancer and I’m not a fan of that!

  7. Heineken 00 or Budweiser Zero (if you like beer).

  8. I like to have tonic water with lime, mandarin orange San Pelligrino, or any flavour of kombucha

  9. I like soda water with jarred olive juice and a twist of lime. I’ll throw in an olive or two if I’m peckish. I tried bitters and elixirs but still prefer the simplicity of olive juice and lime. Sometimes just olive juice if I’m out of line, or even caper juice in soda water. I bought a Soda Stream (about $99) to be more eco- bonus it makes all the difference to have soda water on demand. The Good Drinks book has a lot of creative ideas but too complicated and sweet for me. There are so many jarred cocktail olives to try. I’m intrigued by the kombucha suggestions and will give them it a try. Thank you for this post!

  10. Ginger beer with Apple cider.. more of a fall drink, but so good!

  11. Oh, I just did the Sober Curious Reset! I relied on both Athletic Brewing Company’s and Partake’s non-alcoholic beers– their IPAs are both fantastic. Bravo to your journey!

  12. We did 100 days of no drinking from the equinox in September 2020 until the end of the year.

    We are quite partial to a G&T and turned to Seedlip & tonic instead (plus a similar locally made one we have in NZ). We also found some great 0% bubbles which was perfect as it was coming into summer time in the southern hemisphere.

    I also started making old fashioned drinking vinegars, inspired by recipes from the Ducksoup cookbook I have:

    Cheering you on from here.

  13. low sugar, very tasty, good story, drinking again but very little and more consciously.

  14. We did a #100dayproject of not drinking alcohol from the equinox in September last year to new years day… partial to a G&T, we swapped them with Seedlip and tonic.

    I also made some drinking vinegars, an old-fashioned british way of using up fruit. it keeps well and makes for a delicious drink mixed with sparkling water. i got the idea from the ducksoup cookbook, a favourite of mine from the uk.

    cheering you on from here.