Aerial Photographs of 1960s Communal Dining Areas

(photos by Jonathan Tan)

These aerial photographs of 1960s communal dining areas in Singapore’s Social housing make my heart sing.

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  1. Hi Tina!
    I’m from Singapore and would like to just point out something about the post on communal dining areas in Singapore.
    The tables and seating were meant for neighbors to sit down and chit chat. Some have chessboards incorporated so that people, usually the elderly folks, can have a game or two. There are occasions where people would sit down to have a drink and enjoy some snacks but not really gather for communal dining.
    The “furniture” are made of concrete and fixed to the ground. To make cleaning easier, and also to add to the aesthetics, they are usually covered with tiny mosaic squares.

  2. So loving these! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like the design very much, and I am imagining different ways people would use them if they were transported to different parts of the world. Their design fits almost anywhere in the world. Kyoto? (where I am from), San Francisco(where I am), Rome? London??? Very nutritional post. Thank you :)