“Whatever you do, do not close!”

I recently shared over on my Instagram that so much of my energy these days is spent on catching the moment my thoughts start getting anxious.

When I catch myself starting to fear-worry-spiral, I take deep breaths and remind myself of all the blessings and of what is going right.

I had one of these moments last week while food shopping and the simple act of taking a selfie with my kids snapped me right out of it.

Michael Singer of ‘The Untethered Soul’ once said “whatever you do, don’t close” and it has become my daily mantra. (You can hear him talk on this in the above video!)

How do you all stay in your hearts these days?

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  1. Thank you for sharing this video. The Untethered Soul had a powerful effect on me when I read it six years ago… I keep meaning to read it again and I will now This video is so helpful, especially these days. I noticed after watching it that I close when I passed silent judgement on an ad or something I don’t want to see in my feed. By remaining open I allowed it to be and didn’t close. It’s great!

    I find a regular meditation practice, at least fifteen minutes in the morning, helps set the tone for the day and provides a baseline that I can revisit when I get off balance. It’s so easy to pick up the thoughts, fear, and feelings of others and the collective. I believe focusing on calm, clarity, peace, joy and cooperation make them available for others as well.

  2. This past weekend, I went on a self-retreat. I went on Hotel Tonight and booked a last minute deal for a local hotel. I meditated, prayed, came up with goals and an action plan, and read a lot of books. But guess what. Michael Singer was the keynote speaker on my retreat agenda! I listened to his video again (I had listened to it a couple years ago and bookmarked it). Really incredible to see this on Swiss Miss today!

  3. I like it, and I loved his book, said so, wasn´t it funny he speaks about not having the blidners closed as a metaphor and he keeps his blinders down in his house.