Tax The Rich

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  1. “Rich” should pay the same tax % as everyone. Flat tax for all is the answer. Equitable.

  2. Progressive taxation makes more sense than a flat tax. The poor have the smallest disposable incomes and spend a higher proportion of their money on basic survival needs, such as housing.

  3. Progressive taxation only makes more sense from a standpoint of greed. If you want to take as much wealth you didn’t create as you can from people who did, progressive taxation is the key.

  4. I’m in favor of collecting more money from the rich to be used to provide a better social safety net to the poor and middle class. Like universal healthcare, and free public college education or vocational programs. Too many people live in poverty while working full-time and don’t have the basic things they need to survive much less thrive. Meanwhile billionaires are going to space for fun.

  5. I see time and time again so much understanding that is missing from those that believe that taxation is stealing from those that created their own wealth.
    To begin with, there are those (especially w generational wealth) that have unearned wealth that gives them unearned advantages. There are systemic inequities that lead to institutionalized inequities and norms that directly impact those who hold minority status (s). And there is the simple fact that no one does anything alone. Someone built those roads you travel to work and school on. Someone built your car, bus, train, airplane… Someone grew and harvested the food that sustains you. Someone built your home, made your clothing, took care of your sick parent, got you to where you’re going, and comforted you when you most needed it.
    No one does anything alone. Supporting others and creating an equitable world lifts everyone up. Lighting another’s candle does not take away from your light. It creates more light for everyone, including you.

  6. It is dishonest to agree to compensation for your role in a human effort and then later claim that you own some extra stake in the results because other people made more money in the process than you did. I bought my house by paying the previous owner an amount of money we agreed on. To claim that I later owe some extra amorphous amount subject to definition by you and/or the government is simply greed.